• Design of Toll Collection systems on highways, bridges, tunnels, etc.
• Development of hardware and software components of Toll Collection Systems
• Installation and putting into operation of Toll Collection Systems
• Maintenance of the existing Toll Collection Systems

The problem of design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of Toll collection systems on turn key bases and development of modern traffic systems is well known to the experts of this Institute. More than twenty five years of experience in this area and references from all over the world resulted in one of the most up to date toll collect technical solution on the world market. This also enabled Institute Mihailo Pupin to win the tender for modernization of highway Toll collection system in Serbia in international competition. Solutions provided by Mihailo Pupin Institute were technically superior and several times cheaper. The Institute’s toll collection systems are installed in Montenegro, DR of Congo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Continous development and upgrade of these systems puts Institute Mihailo Pupin among small number of companies capable of meeting all demands of toll operators. The new system completely complies with European CEN 278 standard for interoperability enabling instant interconnection with most ETC systems installed in Europe. It also enables simple and reliable usage and maintenance and highest level of security in data transfer. The system is resistant to all kinds of frauds committed either by toll operators’ staff or unscrupulous drivers.

All the components of the toll collection system, including the latest technological achievements in relevant fields, are the products of the Institute or of the world renowned manufacturers. The system is integrated so as to satisfy the requirements of both toll collectors’ work conditions and environment protection.

“Open” and “Closed” Toll collection systems and Electronic Toll Collection – ETC


The Institute “Mihailo Pupin” has designed, developed and manufactures two types of toll collection systems on highways: “closed system” (where the presence of the vehicle is registered at the entrance to the system, and the payment is performed at the exit), and “opened system” (the payment is performed on one spot regardless of the distance traveled).

The whole system includes three levels:

• lane level
• plaza level and
• central level

New Toll collection system developed by IMP, comprises some completely new features concerning vehicle detection and classification, license plate recognition and microwave based dedicated short range communications (DSRC).

Highway users can choose the way of paying the toll: cash, credit cards or electronic payment are the options, and the last mentioned method allows vehicles to pass the pay toll station at full speed without stopping (eGo® system). When the vehicle is approaching the toll booth its presence, class and license plate number are detected by the system in real time. At the same time the picture of every vehicle is taken and time and place of entering the Toll collection system is determined. All this data is than recorded to the magnetic card or TAG (OBU).

Upon leaving the highway not only the payment procedure is carried out, but also double checking of all the data written on TAG is performed. The amount due is calculated based on the vehicle category and distance traveled and it is deducted from the prepaid sum written on TAG.

At the plaza level the data is collected and the transaction data from all lines is encrypted and kept, processed and than forwarded to the central level where the data for whole toll collection system is processed.

One of the features of the Institute’s system is video system for automatic license plate recognition (LPR). This is the innovative Institute’s product which secures reliability in OCR of more than 99% at the speeds over 120 km/h. Also, next to the technical perfection and high reliablity this system is several times cheaper compared to the LPR systems of the other manufacturers.

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