The Science and Technology Policy Research Centre was founded at the “Mihailo Pupin” Institute in 1987 as a response to the awareness that a better understanding of the importance of science and technology for overall development is essential for a successful work in new technologies.
To increase the effectiveness of investment into R&D and innovation activities, the Centre’s experts have focused on studying and synthesizing development strategies, policies, plans and programs to meet the needs of governmental agencies, regional and local administration, companies, as well as the Institute’s own needs.

Our Mission is to contribute to a better understanding of the importance of science and technology for overall development and to help formulate appropriate strategies of scientific and technological development

The Centre’s scope of activities includes:

  • Study of scientific and technological development
  • Synthesis of structures, institutions, policies and actions which are the most appropriate for the effective application of science and technology to solving human, social and economic problems
  • Design of strategies and formulation of plans and programmes for the technological development of larger organizations, economic and non-economic sectors, regions and states
  • Gathering, processing and dissemination of information which might help in recognizing emergence and the most probable consequences of new technologies
  • Education and training of researchers to deal with the synthesis of strategies and plans of scientific and technological development.
The major references in the fields of:

R&D strategies

  • Western Balkan Countries INCO-NET, EC, FP7
  • Benchmarking policy measures for gender equality in science, EC, FP6
  • Role of National Innovation Capacity in Creation of Knowledge Based Economy and Society in Serbia, Compatible With EU Innovation System
  • Sectoral effects of macro-economic policies in Serbia and selected CEE countries
  • Socio-economical change and technological development in the FR of Yugoslavia
  • Transfer and diffusion of technologies
  • Serbia’s innovation system research
  • Brain drain from the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia,
  • Science and technology in Europe and their implications on technological, economic and social development in Yugoslavia
  • Science and technology policy in the Republic of Serbia till the end of the 20th century
  • Development strategy of the car corporation “Zavodi Crvena Zastava” up to the year 2000

Science and technology research management

  • Analysis and planning of research and development, technology and organisation
  • System for planning and monitoring of R&D projects
  • The projects selection methodology
  • Standards and normatives for the R&D fund in the Republic of Serbia
  • Technology foresight

Science and technology infrastructure

  • Creation of the centres for new technologies’ diffusion in Yugoslavia
  • Research of S&T development
  • Domains and elements of the technological policy in the Republic of Serbia
  • Management and new technologies
  • Evaluation of the programme of R&D projects in the Republic of Serbia,
  • Methodology for monitoring and evaluation of realization of S&T policy in the FR of Yugoslavia
  • Innovation activities survey in Serbian enterprises (CIS methodology)

Innovation consultancy

Our associates hold the international certificates for consultations in innovation management on the company level.

Education and training activities

From 1988 to 1990, the Science and Technology Policy Research Centre organized three Plitvice seminars dedicated, for the first time in ex Yugoslavia, to Innovation Infrastructure Development.

Fifteen conferences on Technology, Culture and Development have been organized since 1994. These conferences have been dealing with different aspects and problems of science, technology and development interactions in Serbia and other former countries of the FR of Yugoslavia. The themes of these conferences were: sustainable cultural and technological development, global and local aspects in the technological and cultural development, competitiveness of economy and non-economy sectors, innovation in economy and society, the key derminantes and quality of society and economy organization – status, prospects and strategies. In 2007, the conference became international, with the general context – the West Balkan’s countries on their way to the European Union.


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