Primary function of m2SCD device is implementation of railway signal interlocking on four routes.

Basic configuration of the device supports control and driving of four signal lights and four announcing signals.

Device can be configured to control lower number of entrance routes or expansion for greater number of routes. In that case all descriptions can be expanded on additional entrance routes.

Complete equipment is placed in standard 19“ industrial rack enclosure. Complete device consists of: batteries, battery charger, inverter for signal power supply, axle sensors and logic for signal interlocking and entrance route enabling and clearing.

Control panel is used to set and clear entrance route and to display signal, sensor and system state. Control panel is freely movable and can be placed in the closed or on the appropriate traffic control desk independently from the rack enclosure (this has to be defined in project documentation).

mumz-orman-4965537                                mumz-pult-4902291

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