Latest news from the Institute Mihailo Pupin

The Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of the Republic of Montenegro visited the Institute

Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports, prof. Dr. Vesna Bratic, on the second day of her official visit to Serbia, visited the Mihajlo Pupin Institute. In a short conversation, [...]


Robotic Automated Anthail Station is the third best Technological innovation in 2019

  In the finals of the competition for the best technological innovation in 2019, held on December 21st in the RTS studio in Košutnjak, our IMP Tehna team, with the [...]


Prof. Sanja Vraneš, PhD EE received the award “Captain Miša Anastasijević”

The award "Captain Miša Anastasijević", which is awarded to the most prominent companies, small and medium sized companies, brands, organizations and institutions, creators and individuals for exceptional results in business, [...]

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