One of the most important international conferences in Serbia, TELFOR, was organized this year for the 31st time. It was held on November 21 and 22, 2023 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Belgrade.

The Institute “Mihajlo Pupin” has participated in several presented scientific papers and has also been one conference sponsors.

In a specially organized and announced technical-commercial session, Vladimir Nešić, B.Sc. Eng. from “IMP – Automation” has presented the portfolio of the Institute “Mihajlo Pupin” in the field of ITS systems through the presentation ” Highways Traffic Management – Intelligent Transport Systems – ITS”.

The presentation is available on the TELFOR official website:

At the specially designed stand, the conference visitor could talk to Institute “Mihajlo Pupin” colleagues who provided additional information about the latest results from numerous commercial projects as well as projects financed from European Union funds.