On Tuesday, 25.10.2022. the Institute Mihajlo Pupin hosted a visit from Military Technical Institute (VTI) in Belgrade, led by the VTI director, colonel Dr. Bojan Pavković and his assistant directors, colonel Dr. Ivan Pokrajac and colonel Dr. Miodrag Lisov.

The guests were received by Dr. Nikola Tomašević, general director of the Institute Mihajlo Pupin, and Vladimir Simeunović, director of IMP Computer Systems. The IMP general director presented the Institute Mihajlo Pupin portfolio and different research and development areas that the Institute Mihajlo Pupin is involved in, whereas the focus of the presentation was on the cooperation possibilities in the military and energy efficiency development program.

The visit was realized in the context of the recently signed Agreement on Scientific-Technical Cooperation, and it also included a presentation of the Institute’s photovoltaic power plant, as well as the specially designed simulators and trainers which are adaptable for military applications.