CEASAR association encompasses all major European Universities undertaking research and education in engineering domain. Currently it has 54 members, including the University of Belgrade to which the Institute Mihajlo Pupin is affiliated.

The organisation has five aims, quoted verbatim here:

  1. to learn from one another: share information and best practice in the areas of higher education, research, innovation and university governance;
  2. to influence key bodies: aid policy-makers and funders to shape European strategies, policies and funding programmes;
  3. to boost participation in (European) funding programmes;
  4. to promote members strengths globally: support Members in displaying their excellence and distinctiveness at European level and beyond;
  5. to advance debate on key issues: promote reflection and understanding of the role of science and technology in open knowledge societies.

The Secretary general commented that he expects Pupin to contribute significantly to the association’s activities and serve as the best practice example when it comes to successful bridging of academia and industry.