The Institute participated at the International Fair of Technics and Technical Achievements, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, again this year. Many exhibits, resulting from the projects financed by the Ministry, have already been converted into marketable products and have found their place in industry and public sector in Serbia and abroad.  Perhaps the best example for this is the ARS AMEG 3020 simulator for simulation of the technological process and control of the thermo energetic block in the thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla”, which in real time displays the state of the block.

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The other exhibits presented at the Technical Fair were: Results of work on the project “Software Environment for Intelligent and Adaptive Management of Complex Objects”: Emergency Response Support System at the Airport, FLARE – Improved Indoor Positioning Software for the Emergency Situations, Micro-Network Software Simulator for Renewable Energy Production, then the Technical Solution for determining the optimal 64-bit file system on the Linux operating system and application to the LTA software, the T-55 Tank gunner simulator, Railway LED  signal, BROS train axle counter, GIVA multimedia device for lighting control in business rooms, toll payment solution at the new toll station Vrčin, MIKME wireless microphone, Animatronic robot head, etc.

The slogan of this year’s Technical Fair “Future Tempo” is a good illustration of our Institute’s  efforts to keep up with the technological challenges of the future.

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