The municipality of Kovačica organized awarding of awards and plaques to individuals and companies for their contribution to the development of culture in that municipality at the Museum of Naive Art yesterday. As per the suggestion of the Mihajlo Pupin Museum in Idvor, where we were involved in several projects, the ‘Mihajlo Pupin’ Institute has been selected as one of the laureates this year.

In the presence of representatives of local institutions and the media, the secretary of culture of the municipality of Kovaica, Branislav Atanacković, awarded the award to Aleksandar Car, deputy director of the company IMP Automatika.

“It is our obligation but also our pleasure to somehow repay Mihajlo Pupin, whose name we bear, so that his museum is presented to the world in the best light, and his birthplace becomes a meeting place for lovers of science and technology,” said Aleksandar Car, receiving the award in the name of the Institute.