On Saturday, 10.12.2022. the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, organized a ceremony at which the most outstanding professors and the best students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in the 20221/2022 school year were awarded with a special certificate of honor.

On that occasion, the general director of the Institute”Mihajlo Pupin”, Dr. Nikola Tomašević, awarded the certificates of honor to Aleksandar Rakić, Andrej Jakovljević and Milan Danković, the best graduates from the Software Engineering studies module, achieving an average of 10 in the 20221/2022 school year.

The certificate of honor for Andrej Jakovljević

The certificate of honor for Aleksandar Rakić

The certificate of honor for Milan Danković

We want to congratulate our dear colleagues for their exceptional results in 2021/2022. At the same time, we thank the School of Electrical Engineering for the invitation to be part of this prestigious, traditionally organized ceremony.