My name is Tara Knežević and I’m studying Mechatronics and Robotics at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture at the University of Zagreb.

I found the Institute Mihajlo Pupin online while reading about the history of robotics. Immediately, I contacted professor Aleksandar Rodić with a query to come during the summer. He was fast to answer that I’m welcome to come and the journey began.

The project I worked on was interesting and challenging. It was in the field of my interest so I was very keen on gathering new knowledge. While working, Marija Radmilović and Jovan Šarac were giving me lessons, directions, and advice. I would like to thank them for the patience and time they singled out for me.

Division for Robotics doesn’t have a lot of employees, which was great because I got to know each one of them individually. What I really liked about the collective was that every day all of them get lunch together and afterward take a stroll around the Institute. Also, professor Rodić took us to the Museum of Science and Technology.

The food and culture in Serbia are similar to Croatia so  I felt as at home.

I was in Belgrade for 9 weeks and it was a great chance to explore it. Belgrade is a beautiful city and there is always something interesting happening. The citizens of Belgrade are very welcoming which was helpful when arriving in a completely unknown city.

I would advise anyone that comes here to spend at least a week at Studenjak, the students’ dorm. There, I met a lot of amazing young people with similar interests to mine and had the best time.

I am very satisfied with the internship and would definitely recommend it.