At the beginning of 2019, I started to collaborate with the Institute Mihajlo Pupin in joint European Projects under the H2020 program.

After three years of online meetings and collaboration, I went on behalf of NUI Galway to the Institute for a summer exchange, where I was welcomed not only by colleagues that I’ve been working with but also by those I didn’t have contacted before.

It was a great experience in terms of sharing not only technical knowledge but also creating connections for future joint opportunities. In this exchange, I had the opportunity to present my own research, network with other young researchers in the same stage of my career and learn about technical and personal improvement.

I had the opportunity during these days to also visit the whole installation of the institute, departments such as robotics and automation, where their focus is on research and commercial products.

They provided detailed explanations about the technical aspects of the product, and they were happy to share their knowledge by answering theoretical questions. I would like to thank very much all those who helped me these days.

This was an amazing experience that enhanced me as a professional and helped me in my career development.