The New Year celebration was organized for our employees on December 27, 2019 in the Great Hall of the Institute, as every year. And there were plenty of reasons to celebrate. In business terms, this year will be marked as one of the most successful in the history of the Institute, as stated by the Director of the Institute, prof. Sanja Vraneš, Ph.D. Of course, this would not be possible without the great efforts of all employees, and this year nine of our colleagues deserved to be recognized as “Best Associate”:

Mirsad BahtijarevićMirsad Bahtijarević, B.Sc.

milan-bjedov1-1219676Milan Bjedov, B.Sc.

Mila MitićMila Mitić, B.Math.

ina-masnikosa-5357359Ina Masnikosa, M.Sc.

stefan-stojkov-9136700Stefan Stojkov, M.Sc.

Bratislav PlanićBratislav Planić, B.Sc.

Gorana ŠormazGorana Šormaz, M.Sc.

andjela-savic-5652769Anđela Savić, M.Sc.

Nenad PetrovićNenad Petrović, B.Sc.


After the awards were presented, the cocktail party continued.

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