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Electrical equipment for the reaction in emergency situations, Remote monitoring and Control System for Medium Voltage Distribution Grid in the Area of Elektrosrbija Kraljevo (LOT3) in the Republic of Serbia


The European Union represented by the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Serbia, on behalf of and for the account of the government of Republic of Serbia and the Consortium led by IMP-Automation and Control Systems Ltd. Belgrade and Consortium members: Institute „Mihajlo Pupin“ Beograd, Elektromontaža Kraljevo, Prointer IT Solutions and Services, Elektrotehnički institut „Nikola Tesla“ Beograd, Netico Solutions Niš, signed the Contract for Development of remote supervision and control systems for the medium voltage distribution grid in the area of Elektrosrbija Kraljevo. Consultant on this project is intec GOPA GmbH.

Electricity Distribution Company “Elektrosrbija” doo Kraljevo, to which this project relates, includes the following electricity distribution companies: ED Čačak, ED Čačak – branch ED Gornji Milanovac, ED Kraljevo, ED Užice, ED Kruševac, ED Jagodina – branch Svilajnac, ED Jagodina – branches Ćuprija and Despotovac, ED Loznica, ED Loznica – branch ED Krupanj, ED Loznica – branch Ljubovija i ED Loznica – branch Mali Zvornik.

The project is financed from the European Union Pre-Accession (IPA) funds, and the total value of the contract is EUR 5,261,105.98. The part of the work related to IMP-Automation and Control Systems includes the delivery of the Remote Supervision and Control System for TS and other electric power facilities and monitoring the state in SN electro mechanics of certain branches in the area of ODS EPS “Elektrosrbija – Kraljevo”.

Delivery period is 728 days (for LOT 3) from commencement date till contractor’s application for provisional acceptance certificate.

This project will significantly contribute to the improvement and stability of the electricity supply in the Elektrosrbija Kraljevo area, especially in case of floods.