On 24th and 25th September the 10th Jubilee International Conference on Deregulated Electricity Market Issues in South Eastern Europe was held in Budapest. Established in 2005, this annual Conference gives emphasis to research and development for the future of the deregulated electricity sector by presenting the efforts undertaken by various academic and research establishments, industry and regulating bodies, offering a forum for networking and cooperation in a wider sense.

The aim of the conference is to promote research and development in the electricity sector and present the results achieved by the academic and research institutions. The researchers from our Institute presented three papers and the Conference itself was attended by  Suzana Cvetićanin and Goran Jakupovic.

  • Jelena R.Veselinović ( JP EMS), Miloš V. Stojić, Goran S.Jakupović (IMP), “Features, Enhancements and Perspectives of State Estimation in Serbian TSMO
  • Mirela Đurđević, Zoran Rudić, Nikola Obradović, Nada Turudija (JP EMS), Goran Jakupović, Ninel Čukalevski (IMP) , “Implementation and Testing of AGC SMM Control Block in NDC in Serbian TSMO within the Project of Modernisation and Upgrading of Existing SCADA/EMS System
  • Suzana CVETIĆANIN, Goran JAKUPOVIĆ, Ninel ČUKALEVSKI, Radomir STAMATOVIC (IMP), Davor PUPOVAC (JP EPS), “Integration of the new Trading Support System with the existing IT system at one SEE Generation Company