“My name is Dandan Yang, I’m a student of Shanghai University in China and my major is Electronic Information Engineering. I worked in Institute Mihajlo Pupin form June to July. I will never forget these two months here in Belgrade. 

I worked in Telecommunications department and I met many nice people there. At first, Valentina showed me around and introduced me something about the projects my colleagues were working on, they are very interesting and impressive. Then, I worked with my supervisor Goran about data flow. I disliked programming before, but after this, I became much more patient and not afraid of programming any longer…

When I came back to Shanghai, all my friends said that my face were rounder. I think maybe I ate too much in our canteen but the food there is so delicious~

Love you, IMP,

Miss all of you, my friends in Serbia”

Best regards,

Dandan Yang




Hello 🙂

My name is Kamil and I am from Poland. I am studying Mechatronics on Electrical Engineering faculty in my country. I was having an internship in Mihajlo Pupin Institute for two months, thanks to IAESTE student exchange program.

Before coming to Serbia, I was little concerned about spending 2 months in foreign country. But after this trip I can say it was great experience! City is safe, and Serbian people are very kind. Public transportation is really great – buses are coming every few minutes. I think it was the greatest opportunity to learn English language and get more fluent when talking.

I worked in Robotics laboratory. When I came, I was introduced to all other people in this department. I am really interested in electronics, so my supervisor was giving me task in this field. During the internship, I could see how the projects are developed. I was involved in creating electronical schematics, soldering printed circuit boards, testing elements and programming Arduino boards. My work was a part of o project, so I did useful things.  I also cooperated with other student to get things done.

People I have met in work were very nice and helpful to me. They showed me how they work and explained details of theirs projects. I was provided with free breakfast and lunch in the canteen, which was great.

I am really thankful for all people I met there for giving me such a opportunity to experience engineering work in Belgrade! Hvala!

Kamil Grylewicz