l016-1733910After graduation at Technical University of Munich almost 3 years ago I started to work in IMP. From the very beginning I was warmly welcomed by colleagues and superiors who made it easy for me as a foreigner to settle in. The Institute Mihailo Pupin offers an international and dynamic working environment especially for young people who are eager to prove their skills. I learnt a lot of new things and got the opportunity to work on European research projects with partners from all over Europe. This enabled me to work on the cutting edge of technology and research, but also to meet a lot of interesting people. Whenever I wanted to publish my scientific results I got the chance to visit national and international conferences. Another thing that I liked very much was the possibility to listen to lectures from international researchers that came to visit the institute from time to time. Altogether, I am more than satisfied with my time here and hope to come back as a visiting researcher one day.

Dipl.-Ing. Lydia Kraus