Institute Mihailo Pupin at CIGRE 2009

The 29th Conference CIGRE 2009 was held at Zlatibor Mountain from the 30th of May to the 6th of June in the organization of CIGRE Serbia.

International council for large electrical networks CIGRE was founded in 1921 in Paris. The Serbian National Committee CIGRE-CIGRE Serbia is one of 58 national committees.

CIGRE Serbia deals with expert and scientific issues from the fields of production, transmission and distribution of electric power, production of electric equipment and problems of electric power systems, material and modern technologies as well as information systems and telecommunications.

Institute Mihailo Pupin at CIGRE 2009

During this conference, the Institute Mihailo Pupin had the exibition booth „IMP-Automation&Control” where the colleagues from the vocation, as well as all interested, could get new information related to products and projects which were currently worked on, but also they could find out more about products which were already onto the market.

Colleagues N. Čukalevski and R. Stamatović presented the work “IMP-Automation&Control” through two presentations within the session of technical presentations. Their presentation had the title „Smart networks and systems for continuous monitoring of EES work performances”, Ninel Čukalevski, and „Reporting subsystem – RSS” by the colleague Radomir Stamatović.

Institute Mihailo Pupin at CIGRE 2009

The following works were presented within the other sessions:

Modern computer science support for monitoring power supply points of action mechanism delivery – I. Bundalo, N. Čukalevski, G. Jakupović, J. Car

Upgrade and improvement of AGC regulators of SMM block – G. Jakupović, N. Čukalevski, N. Obradović, I. Sinanović, V. Nešić

Mathematical models in standards for estimation of permanently and ephemerally allowed currents of overhead power lines – N. Petrović, N. Čukalevski, S. Krstonijević

Implementation of PLC technology in electric power network – J. Gajica, V. Sekulić

Implementation of MPLS technology in telecommunication networks in electric power industry – M. Miljković, M. Stojanović, V. Timčenko

Realization of monitoring TZ-600 devices work for transmission of teleprotection signals – V. Čelebić, J. Gajica, I. Salom, J. Anđelković, M. Kabović, M. Stojilović, M. Kaljević

Comparison of VIEW 2 SCADA data models with appropriate CIM classes – Е. Veljković Grbić, G. Konečni, A. Car

Application for survey of archived measurement averages (AMA) from SCADA system – Ј. Dragutinović, E. Veljković Grbić, R. Stamatović