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Robotics Laboratory is a part of Mihailo Pupin Institute in Belgrade, Serbia, which is a member of University of Belgrade. The basic activity of Robotics Laboratory represents research and development in the area of robotics and control of large-scale dynamic systems.

Robotics Laboratory is home of the Zero-Moment Point (ZMP) concept! You can find out more about ZMP concept in the following articles: When Were Active Exoskeletons Actually Born? and Zero-Moment Point — Thirty Five Years Of It's Life.

The first model of a multifunctional externally powered hand prosthesis known in the open literature as the ‘Belgrade Hand Prosthesis’ was developed in the Institute ‘Mihailo Pupin’ in Belgrade in 1964. This unique artificial hand was designed by Prof. Rajko Tomović and Prof. Milan Rakić from the Faculty of Electrivcal Engineering, University of Belgrade.

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