General Description

ROBED03 is a design solution for educational robots in Robotics Laboratory, Mihailo Pupin Institute. This solution is realized using previous experience in design and development of educational robots ROBED01 and ROBED01M and other 10 designs of industrial robots in Robotics Laboratory. ROBED03 is a small industrial robot for research laboratories and industrial applications. The appropriate small dimensions of this robot, contemporary software for education and its professional production enable efficient application in the various educational institutions. ROBED03 consists of the following modules: manipulator ROBED03, power unit, PC-based controller and educational software.

EDUC03 Robot Controller

Robot Controller EDUC03 for ROBED03 is a PC-based robot controller. Its user interface is realized as an interactive system with a multi-layer menu. Beside standard robot language commands, some additional instructions for modifying system parameters and the control structure are included in robot programming language. The control module includes kinematic, dynamic and digital regulator modules. The compensation of dynamic effects is based on the complete dynamic robot model. Control structure includes the following blocks:

It is possible to generate various forms of control laws including and excluding of particular blocks. Moreover, the control structure can be modified.

Technical Characteristics

Structure of the robot mechanism: Antropomorphic vertical configuration
Degrees of freedom: 5 axes + gripper
Drive systems: DC servomotors with optical encoders
Working area for 1. D.O.F.: Base rotation about vertical axis: 310 degrees
Working area for 2. D.O.F.: Upper arm rotation about horizontal axis: 190 degrees
Working area for 3. D.O.F.: Forearm rotation about horizontal axis: 220 degrees
Working area for 4. D.O.F.: Wrist-pitch rotation about longitudinal axis: 200 degrees
Working area for 5. D.O.F.: Wrist-roll rotation about longitudinal axis: 300 degrees
Gripper opening: Maximum 52 mm
Maximal velocity: 1 m/s with 1kg payload,
1.2 m/s without payload
Payload: 1 kg
Repeatability: +/- 0.25 mm
Transmission: Harmonic Drive and Synchroflex Belts
Limit Detection: Photo-interrupters and software limiters
Weight: 21 kg

Potential users

NOTE: There is only one prototype of this robot available at the moment. If you are interested in further development and/or purchase of this robot, do not hesitate to contact us.


Direct links for videos: Video 1, Video 2