Personal Information

Dr. Mirjana Filipović
Family name: Filipović (maiden family name: Stanivuk)
Given name: Mirjana
Title: Ph.D.
Address: Robotics Laboratory, Mihailo Pupin Institute,
Volgina 15, 11060 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381-(0)11-6771-024
Fax: +381-(0)11-6775-870

Educational degrees

Undergraduate study

B.Sc. degree, 1978: Department for Automation at the Faculty of mechanical engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia, Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Ljubomir Grujić.

Graduate study

Professional Experience

Primary Interest of Research

General fields

Speciality fields

Robotics, Theory of oscillations, Theory of flexibility, Flexibility of links, Flexibility of gears, Theory of non-linear systems, Humanoid Robots, Humanoid Robots sistems with and without elasticity elements, Humanoid Robot sistem walking on an immobile or mobile platform (with or without elasticity elements), Implementation of elasticity in foot sole of humanoids, Implementation of coupling betwen biped and platform, Planing of reference trajectory, Modeling, Software, Analysis, Simulations.