STPRC associates have diverse educational background, and therefore contribute in different research areas. These expertise enable our team to be multidisciplinary and capable to answer on diverse research and other business challenges. In addition, following development of theory in the field of science and technology research, we investigate various aspects of the national innovation system: from the assessments of technology and innovation capacity of enterprises, innovation infrastructure, through statistical analysis of science, research and innovation systems, to the mapping fields of science in Serbia.

Innovation consultancy on the level of company and sectors is also part of our agenda. Our associates hold the international certificates in innovation management on the company level. STPRC experts are also consultants to governmental administrators in the field of science and technology development.

Science and Technology Policy Research Center was founded in 1987 as an independent working group in the frame of Institute Mihajlo Pupin. That was result of many years of dealing with the specific problems in development management, which originated from operational research, systems management, management of organizations, the strategy of enterprise development … and it was up to data with the contemporary scientific practice in developed countries, related to research about relations between economy and technology.

These were the years in which began development of the contemporary concept of the national innovation systems, as a framework for research in technology and innovation management. The concept has been very promptly adopted in the Center. As well as in previous periods, Center became leader and promoter of Serbian national innovation system development by applying current standards for research in the fields of monitoring and evaluation of development of science, technology and innovation.