Research and development of the platform for science based management of the scientific and technological development of the Republic of Serbia

Project of integral, interdisciplinary research, funded by Ministry of education, science and technology development, 2011-2016.

The aim of the project is to create a methodological, information-documentation and analytic support in managing scientific and technological (ST) development in Serbia.

For that purpose two subprojects were defined::

Sub project 1: Mapping of fields of science and technology in Serbia

Theme 1:             Measuring and Mapping Serbian STI Performance by Infometric Methods

Theme 2:             Development of indicators and information tools for monitoring and evaluation of S&T in Serbia

Theme 3:             Sustainable development of selected fields of science and technology in Serbia

The subject of research of the first sub project are quantitative indicators of ST development, which resulted in internationally comparable indicators of ST and innovation in Serbia, as well as mechanisms to affects the sustainable development of the whole society using the scientific research. It was developed an original method for determining the quality of scientific publications based on Hirsch index, applied to 13 countries of SEE, which showed that the quality of Serbian scientific publications is significantly higher than in the neighboring countries

Sub project 2:      Development of national innovation system in Serbia

Theme 1:             Mechanism for transfer and diffusion of technologies in Serbia

Theme 2:             Innovation capacities of companies in Serbia

Theme 3:             Development of macroeconomic models for selected sectors of economy in Serbia

Second sub project includes research of innovation activities (IA) in Serbian economy, which resulted in methodology for assessing IA of the companies, the software for defining the potential for IA in companies and to define etalon for the level of enterprise IA. It was defined a holistic approach and multi-dimensional model for evaluating innovation performance of enterprises, develop an organizational culture and climate that encourages innovation. A methodology for measuring of enterprise performances was developed in order to determine their innovation capacity and establish the causal connection with the performance of the company. It was developed an econometric model to investigate the relationship that exists between the national innovation capacity and economic growth and development. It was performed a comparative analysis with countries that have high technological development and neighboring countries with the aim of positioning and anticipation of socio-economic and ST development of Serbia.

The main project results are: National Report on STI indicators and maps of selected ST areas in Serbia; The methodology for the assessment of IA of enterprises; Software for the evaluation of enterprises IA; Etalon for the level of IA of enterprises; The system for measuring business performance of the company and determining innovation capacity; The system of knowledge management as a support system for managing ST and innovation policy, based on information and knowledge. The results of the project have been published in leading international and national scientific journals, presented at scientific conferences and published in special monographs of national importance. In this way, a successful dissemination of project results was carried out.


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