Research Topic: Defence-related and Security Robots

IMP Robotics Laboratory has significant experience in design, development and re-construction of different types (electro-mechanical or electro-hydraulic) defense-related and security robots. That assumes mechanical design and prototyping, robot controller development and GPS navigation, building of human-robot interface, wireless communication and wireless data/images transmission, sensor-data acquisition, electronics, etc. Pupin engineers have wide experience in development new robots as well as upgrading and re-construction of the second-hand robotic devices to improve their current technical performances and prolong their working life-cycle, being these mechatronic devices are rather expensive. With a permanent progress in ICT technologies IMP Robotics Laboratory has built wide competency in development of customized robot-sensor networks and multi-agent robotic systems. Our professional interest is oriented towards the robot applications in the security and environmental remote surveillance tasks and monitoring.

Police robots

Fig. 1. Police robots repaired and upgraded in IMP Robotics laboratory

Anti-terrorist police robot

Fig. 2. Anti-terrorist police robot designed by Pupin engineers in cooperation with the University of Toronto (Canada)