Ambient Intelligent Service Robots of Antropomorphic Characteristics

The project theme is research and developmeny of ambient-intelligent service robot (humanoid robots and mobile wheeled robot platforms with robot arms) intended for realization of everyday working tasks in indoor spaces. The research encompass a) mathematical modelling and simulation of perosnal service robot system, b) design of perception system based on fusion of heterogenous sensors and integration with signal processing algorithms, c) integration of mobile platform and intelligent manipulation system, d) development of module for 3d motion planning and intelligent navigation, e) development of intelligent coordinated motion and manipulation control usingm cognitive functions. The final research and development project aim is development of laboratory prototype of autonomous personal service robor for indoor applications (personal robot –companion or service robot-assistant) at home, public institutions, shopping malls, erc. The second important aim is realization of a new simulation platform, which ensure a simple virtual approach to servide robots of different types (locomotion robots and mobile robots) and their examinatio in the frame of broad range of possible service applications.

Ambientaly intelligent service robot

Ambientaly intelligent service robot of antropomorphic characteristics