Dr. Vladan Batanović

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  Vladan Batanović, Ph.D. senior scientific associate

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Telephone   +381 11 6771 398
E-mail   vladan.batanovic@pupin.rs
Address   Volgina 15, 11060 Belgrade, Serbia

Areas of work

  Mr. Batanovic’s research interests are focused on development and application of Operations research in management of complex systems, especially in traffic control systems.

He participated in realization of numerous projects in the field of traffic management: on railways,  in cities  and on highways, with outstanding results in the development and application of multi-criteria ranking and comparison methods. He has extensive experience in preparation of feasibility studies for traffic management systems, main design, realization and maintenance of urban and motorway traffic control systems, and of toll collection and parking systems.
He participated in the realization of automatic traffic control systems in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Beijing, Moscow, and several Indonesian cities. He realized the first Serbian modern toll collection system.

Organizational skills and membership in professional associations
  On several occasions he was president of the organizing committees of several national and international conferences and coordinator of international projects. Active member of professional associations ETAN, SYMOPIS, The  Road Association of Serbia “Via-Vita”, ASECAP.
Published papers, books and participation in projects   Published more than 50 scientific and professional papers. Took part  in realization of more than 35 domestic and international projects, studies and technical solutions. mostly as the project leader.
University/ Faculty   University of Novi Sad/Faculty of Management
Title of thesis   Contribution to optimization  of organization and control of pay  toll systems  on motorwaysword_icon
Date of defence   2004
Title   Doctor of technical sciences
    Magister / M.Sc.
University/ Faculty   University of Belgrade/ Institute for Multidisciplinary Research
Title of thesis   Evaluation of the effects of traffic control systems in the city
Date of defence
  Magister of technical sciences
University/ Faculty
  Univerzitet u Beogradu/Elektrotehnički fakultet
 Year of graduation   1970

Dipl. E.E.