Mirjana Filipovic

Contact information
Title, name and surname Mirjana Filipović, Ph.D. scientific advisor

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Telephone  +381 11 6771 024
E-mail  mirjana.filipovic@pupin.rs
Address  Volgina 15, 11060 Belgrade, Serbia
Areas of work
For the first 12 years of service, she has worked on research, development, design, control, realization and putting into operation of electro-pneumatic systems for purification of drinking water for systems in Chemical, Food and Pharmaceutical Industries. Also she has worked on “pneumatic forwarding system” and development of components for pneumatic forwarding system. She synthesized series of Technical Solutions and she has participated in several projects in this area.

From 1991 to now, she has achieved scientific results in three scientific fields:

  • robotics (mathematical modeling of  rigid and flexible robotic systems),
  • applied theory of oscillations and nonlinear dynamics in robotics,
  • applied theory of elasticity in robotics.

She has used these scientific contributions  in following areas: 

  • industrial robotics,
  • humanoid robotics and
  • Cable suspended Parallel Robots – CPR systems.
Organizational skills and membership in professional associations
Expertise: Modeling, Mathematics, Mechanics, Elasticity, Control, Programming

Member of IEEE Robotics & Automation Society since 2011.

Published papers, books and participation in projects
116 published papers, of which:

  • 14 international journal papers,
  • 38 international conference papers,
  • 15 program packages.

Participation in the realization of 8 research projects.

– CPRTS 2017 MFpdf

CWUSOFT 2017 MF pdf

JUMPWIND 2017 MF pdf

University of Belgrade / School of Electrical Engineering
Title of thesis
Doprinos modeliranju elastičnosti aktivnih mehanizama sa posebnim osvrtom na humanoidne robote
Date of defence
Title Doktor tehničkih nauka
University/Faculty University of Belgrade / School of Electrical Engineering
Title of thesis Analiza dinamičke tačnosti manipulacionih robota
Date of defence 1998
Title Magistar elektrotehnike
University/Faculty University of Belgrade / School of Mechanical Engineering
Year of graduation
Title Dipl. eng.