Contact Information    
Title, name and surname   Marija Mosurović Ružičić, Ph.D.

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Telephone   +381 11 6774 452
Address   Volgina 15, 11060 Belgrade, Serbia
Areas of work   General fields: science and technology policy research; strategic management, organizational theory, management and business, industrial policy development and EU integration, etc.

Special fields: professional specializations in the field of national technology foresight and innovation management. organisational design; research, development and innovation management; assessment and evaluation of research, development and innovation, innovation policy development and EU integration.

Organizational skills and membership in professional associations

   Participation in organization of national and international workshops and seminars
Published papers, books and participation in projects   The results of the research were published in 28 scientific and professional papers: international and national journals; international and national monographs; international and national conference proceedings. Participated in more than ten scientific research projects.
University/Faculty   Metropolitan University/ Faculty of Management
Title of thesis   Methodology for firm’s innovation capacities assessment
Date of defense   2015
Title   Ph.D.  in Management and Business
University/Faculty   University of Belgrade/ Faculty of organisational sciences
Title of thesis   An Integral Model for Strategic Management in Science and Research Organisation
Date of defense   2018
Title   Ph.D.  in technical sciences – field of organizational sciences
University/Faculty   University of Belgrade/ Faculty of the Economics
Title of thesis   Organisational design as factor of company innovation behaviour
Date of defense   2009
Title   M.Sc. in Economics Sciences
University/Faculty   University of Belgrade/ Faculty of the Economics
Year of graduation   2001
Title   dipl. ecc