Dusica Semencenko    
Contact information    
Title, name and surname   Dušica Semenčenko, Ph.D.

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Telephone   +381 11/6774 452
E-mail   dusica.semencenko@pupin.rs
Address   Volgina 15, 11060 Belgrade, Serbia
Areas of work   The broadest professional field of interest is related to: management development; research in inner laws of science and technology development and their influence on society development. Broader scientific fields are theory of organization and management of science and research and operational research. The narrower scientific fields are scientometrics and theory of innovation. Professional specializations in the field of national technology foresight organization and the role of governments in science-technology-innovation policies design. Was a member of the Ministry of science and technology development committee for preparation of the law of innovation. Lecturer on post-graduate, doctoral studies at the University of Belgrade, within the program History of philosophy, science and technology, Course: Technology and transition (2013-2015).Innovation consultant in basic methods for innovation introduction to the different types of organizations. The acquired knowledge applies through the coordination of Enterprise Europe Network in Mihajlo Pupin Institute.

Organizational skills and membership in professional associations

  Member of the programme and organizational board of the conference „Technology, culture and development“ since 1994. Co-founder and secretary general of the association „Technology and society“. Member of the executive board of Association of Business Women in Serbia. Member of the organizational commitee of the internatioanl conference Freja Forum, and co-founder of the international association Freja Academy.
Published papers, books and participation in projects   Published more than 90 scientific and professional papers.
Took part in realization of 22 domestic and international projects, studies and 1 technical solution.
    Doctor / PH.D.
University/ Faculty    University Academia of Economy, Faculty of Management, Novi Sad
Date of defense   2008
Title   Doctor of sciences for the narrower scientific field management
     Magister / M.Sc.
University/ Faculty   University of Novi Sad – Technical Faculty “M.Pupin”, Zrenjanin
Title of thesis   System Approach to the Creation and Management of the National Innovation System: Model of Technology Infrastructure Building
Date of defense   2001
Title   Magistar of sciences in the field of management development
University/ Faculty   University of Belgrade – Faculty of Philosophy
Year of graduation   1981
Title   B.Sc. in History of Art