Contribution to the safety of the Winter Olympics in Sochi


For the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi, which are held from 7 to 23 February 2014, the Austrian company Kapsch (KTC Russia) is engaged in the construction and equipping of the entire system for limited-access traffic areas  to the Olympic village and the venues. The system consists of 14 access points, two POS terminals and the Central system.

Credit for smooth functioning of the access control and high security level for contestants and visitors also goes to the Mihajlo Pupin Institute. As part of the ongoing collaboration between the Institute and Kapsch, our experts developed software for access control, so-called traffic filters, software for POS terminals and software for central surveillance and control system. Besides that, the Institute designed the entire system, supervised installation of equipment and prepared ​​all user manuals.

The system consists of 16 traffic filters installed on the roads in Sochi and the surrounding Olympic venues and it is connected to the control center in the Olympic Committee through GSM network. For ETC identification of the vehicles passing through check points Kapsch transponders and OBUs are used and the Central system is based on the Oracle platform.

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