Photovoltaic power plant on the Institute’s roof


By construction of the photovoltaic power plant on the flat roof of the Institute’s administration building, the Institute “Mihajlo Pupin” and our experts have completed  the whole procedure beginning with the preliminary design, obtaining permits, construction, commissioning, and finally obtaining the electric power producer’s license. The plant was connected to the network on 20th  September, and the overall construction lasted four months from May to August. Hundred and eighty solar panels were installed generating approximately 50 kW of power.


The system for surveillance and control of power plant consists of two miniature RTU pAtlas (produced by IMP Automation & Control Systems) mounted in the DC and AC cabinets, meteorological sensors (detecting wind speed and direction, temperature of the panels, insolation), communication with the inverter (ModBus) and communication with the power meter (DLMS protocol) and SCADA View 4 software (product of  IMP Automation & Control Systems). Using Web browser  the real time and archival data on plant operation can be obtained, and the meteorological data is also available on the web site.