IAESTE Students


My name is Jaroslaw Porzucek, I study Electronics and Telecomunications at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland. I spent nearly two months in Belgrade and frankly, I enjoyed every single day beeing there.

Whenever I told people I was going to Serbia to my internship they were afraid about that, „it’s probably dangerous country” they said. Nothing could be further from the truth! Belgrad is the safest city I have ever been (walking at night through the city, no fear!). Besides, Serbians are the kindest people I have ever meet, they have great cuisine, full of meat prepared in various forms.

As for my job, atmosphere at the institute was outstanding! All the time I was feeling at home, thanks to employees working there. If I had any problem, either connected with my job or not, I got a response instantly.

During my training, I participated in a project for The ministry of science and technological development of the Republic of Serbia. The project concerns adaptive algorithms for channel equalization. I worked on the enhancement of the FORTRAN system platform, and blind DFE animation by Matlab. I had a great opportunity to develop my previous skills as well as to discover new methods of adaptive equalization that I was unfamiliar with.

I really appreciate this opportunity to work here. It was a great time and I will never forget moments I spent here. Finally, I do not say „goodbye”, I say „do zobaczenia”!

P.S. Thank you to whole canteen staff for meals which were delicious!



My name is Wojciech Jonakowski, I am a student of Biomedical Engineering at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow’s University, Poland. I have spent a two months internship in the telecommunications department of Mihajlo Pupin institute in Belgrade.
During the internship I was introduced into project „ Mulifractal analysis of Microscopical Images of Carcinoma”, author Dr Jelena Vasiljević, under the auspices of The ministry of science and technological development of the Republic of Serbia. This project is special done in collaboration with Institute of Oncology, Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade. I worked on multifractal analysis in software ImageJ and on statistical analysis of obtained results. I have learned many new things and I think that this knowledge will certainly help me in the future. Special thanks to my mentor Jelena Vasiljević, which has always served piece of advice and helped when I encountered a problem.
Atmosphere at the institute was great and make my work became pleasure. Employees in the institute like working in teams so they always help each other like friends. All of them are always smiling and cheerful.
Additionally I have to admit that the food at the restaurant is delicious.
I am very grateful for IMP that they give me a chance to go on such a wonderful practice which allowed me to gain both knowledge and see how beautiful city is Belgrade.
Wojciech Jonakowski


Taketo Hayashi

First of all, I would like to say thank you for organizing my internship.
The colleagues are really friendly and made my stay comfortable. They are good at English and I did not have any trouble in communicating with them. Moreover, there were two people who experienced IAESTE before so they helped me a lot. I was so lucky.
Also, the tasks I got was good enough. It was enough but not too much. I was not stressed out about work and I could have time to enjoy Belgrade.
The task was different from my field but I could learn something new so I am satisfied with it.
I also enjoyed food in your canteen. They had variety of food so I would never get tired of it. Good foods made my stay better.

Taketo Hayashi