Impressions of the students from Tunisia, Spain and Russia

Mohamed Jebira

“I am Mohamed Jebira from Tunisia, a student in ENIT the national school of engineering of Tunis and I have spent a 2 months internship in the telecommunications department of Mihajlo Pupin institute. During that period I profited a lot from the experience my colleagues have and managed to gain a lot of information and knowledge allowing me to improve my technical and practical experience by actively participating in the implementation of a web tv application.

I noticed that workers in the institute like working in teams so they are always helping each other like friends and from the first day I started working with them they made me feel like I am home therefore I would like to thank everyone in the institute for giving me this amazing opportunity to work with them and special thanks to my colleague Valentina Timcenko who helped me a lot and was always there for me.

Actually I will never forget this stay in Serbia,I really like Belgrade and I will definitely come back hopefully to work in the Mihajlo Pupin institute.”

Diego Barranco

“My name is Diego Barranco I’m a student of Industrial Electronics Engineering in Malaga’s University (UMA), in Spain. I spent six wonderful weeks in Belgrade doing an internship in Mihajlo Pupin Institute (IMP), in the Telecommunications department.

When I had the chance to come to IMP for an internship I asked another intern who was here previously, and he said only good things about this institute.

However, when I came here I discovered it was better than I expected, not only were my colleagues really kind, but also all people from the institute. I learnt so many things which I could apply in my career in the future and also I gained a lot of motivation to work even harder when I saw the teamwork environment in IMP.

My main tasked consisted of programming two microcontrollers to send information and receive information. My experience in this area at the beginning was almost null so I had to start learning from the beginning but with the help of Marko, my supervisor here, at the end of this internship I learnt not only how to program them but also about SPI and UART interface which is mainly used in this area.

Therefore I would like to give many thanks to IMP for this experience and their help with my integration here and their kindness. “Hvala Puno” or “Muchas gracias”

Diego Barranco.”

VIktoria Golovkina

“Добар дан! My name is VIktoria Golovkina. I’m from Russia. I ended my third course in the University and came for internship by IAESTE program to the Institute Mihailo Pupin.
When I get my invitation letter I became nervous. Such a big company, what will be if I have not enough knowledge to do my task and so and so on. But still I expected to do something really useful and interesting that can help me to learn new things.

First impression of Serbia was this: “Everybody is so kind and good to you. May be it is the same in all places of Belgrade?” And it is true!

I worked in Automation department of IMP with Dragana Bogojevic, Zdravko Radosavljevic and Aleksandar Jovanovic. They gave me a task to do a Desktop Application for MySQL Data Base. It was very interesting for me. I used (just because I know it) to make it. I got new ways of programming. And it was interesting to know how that things, which I learn at the University will work in real life. Before it I didn’t realized how extensive my specialty is.

It is amazing! But it would not happen, if my colleagues don’t help me. Thanks to Dragana that she took me to this department, always helped me and told me some things about Serbia. Thanks to Zdravko! He spent a lot of hours with me, explaining different ways of doing one or other things. And of course for Aleksandar, who always helped me then I can’t find a solution. It was a great pleasure to spent 7 weeks with all of them.

It was not like a work, I really enjoyed the things I did. I get knew knowledge, spent time with such a nice people in talking’s about mostly everything!

IMP-Automation is amazing place. People who works here really love their job, really love things which they are doing and because of it all of them a really good specialties! They also showed me theirs projects. It was interesting and I hope that in future I will be doing also such difficult things.

And for sure, it is a great place to work. If I will come back to Serbia, I really want to work here!

I want to say special thanks to Valentina Timcenko. She helps all of IAESTE people to feel ourselves so much comfortable like nowhere before. She also helped us to find something interesting in Belgrade.

In restaurant we always had good and tasty food. And workers are so nice with everybody!

All my internship I was with so much polite and friendly people around me. If I need one or more days not to go to work, for example visiting Montenegro or some other places in Serbia, it was not a problem.

At last but not least, I may say that it is one of the best summers in my life and Serbia is forever in my heart!

Хвала за све, све најбоље!”