In the year which brought about the global financial crisis, boards of directors of the Institute Mihailo Pupin had a hard task to suggest associates who would receive a traditional symbolic awards for their own efforts and results achieved.

Awards were given to the associates who achieved the best business and scientific results:

Jovan Kon
Jovan Kon, M.Sc.
for successful breakthrough in the African market
Aleksandar Rodić
Aleksandar Rodić, Ph.D
for results achieved in increasing the quality of work at the Institute Mihailo Pupin
Aleksandar Car
Aleksandar Car, dipl. ing.
for exceptional results achieved in the revitalisation of SCADA cnters in 2009.
Dragan Bojanic
Dragan Bojanić, dipl. ing.
for special efforts and results achieved in implementing and putting into operation DCS system in “Termolektrana – Toplana Novi Sad”.
Milovan Stamatović
Milovan Stamatović, dipl. ing.
for special results achieved in the realization of radar network programme
Darko Pejakov
Darko Pejakov, dipl. ing.
for special efforts in the realization of many ICT projects. The most important projects are the relaization of the IS for Local Tax Administration and the DATA center of the Institute Mihailo Pupin with network services
Jovanka Gajica, M.Sc.
for the long-term success achieved while working on many projects and realization of systems for electric power industry, for creation of the positive image of the company in electric power industry structures and especially for current results achieved in launching devices and systems in the Electric Power System of Serbia and Elektromreža Srbije-Public Enterprise for electric energy transmission and transmission system control
Meri Damnjanović, dipl. ing.
for exceptional efforts over years in developing software for pay toll systems
Katarina Ružičić, dipl. ing.
for efforts and results in the realization of the project-Information System for Local Tax Administration