FINAL PRESENTATIONS OF PROJECT “Feasibility Study for foundation of Science & Technology Parks in Serbia “

FINAL PRESENTATIONS OF PROJECT "Feasibility Study for foundation of Science & Technology Parks in Serbia "

The results of the Project “Feasibility Study for foundation of Science & Technology Parks in Serbia” in domain of Technological development were presented in Mihailo Pupin Institute today.

The work completed by consortium consisting of 20 faculties and institutes from Serbia engaged in this Project was financed by Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection during the period 2005 -2007.

Task of this consortium, however, was to evaluate the innovative potential of research, inventive and entrepreneur sector in Serbia, and to generate several feasibility studies for S&T Parks and/or technological incubators. Besides that, the aim of this project was to promote the entrepreneurship in innovative sphere. This task was accomplished by organizing the competition for the best business idea on a team and company level and by supporting the existence of the new companies founded according to the business plan including new products, services and processes generated by technological incubators and S&T parks.

Finally, the project was intended to enable the gathering of high technology companies (with investments in R&D over 8%) in clusters, which would be organizationally and later physically positioned in newly founded S&T parks in the environments which would be able to organize them.

We will mention just some of the presented project results: three competitions for the best technological innovation were organized. It resulted in the promotion of an innovative culture, linking the scientific research sector with industry and founding a few enterprises; feasibility studies were made and according to them the S&T parks of Institute “Mihailo Pupin” were founded, Novi Sad and Nis; Business Technology Incubator of Technical Faculties, Belgrade, was founded; the research of the innovative capacities in the Serbian ICT sector was done.