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1 Energy Policy, Regulatory Issues, Power System Planning

K-1.1 Energy and Environment
K-1.2 Long Term Energy Planning in Deregulated Markets
P-1.1 The Role of Support System for Electricity Generation from Renewable Sources
P-1.2 Analysis of South-East Europe Transmission Network Expansion Plan under the Future Market
P-1.3 Statnett plan for power rental
P-1.8 The Corporation Culture in Times of Crisis, a Case-Study in a Romanian Utility Company

2 Markets, Operation Planning

K-2.1 Recent results of work in CIGRE JWG C2C5-05 Development and Changes in the Business of System Operators
P-2.1 The Cyprus Electricity Trading and Settlement Rules
P-2.2 Wholesale Electricity Trading In Pe Eps - Practice And Future Plans
P-2.4 Managing congestion in a balancing market
P-2.5 A Heuristic Unit Commitment and Economic Dispatch Algorithm for Autonomous Power System Operation with Maintenance Constraints
P-2.6 Overview of the present situation and the vision of the future trading and investment activities in the South-East Europe
P-2.7 How deregulation of the Norwegian Electricity Marked affected the consumers’ behavior and attitudes

3 Power System Operation, Control, Protection

K-3.1 Overview of PE Elektromreza Srbije main activities aimed to improve power system control
P-3.1 UCTE model exchange based on IEC CIM standards
P-3.2 A majior event in the power system of Crete
P-3.3 Mathematical Models and Standards for Current Carrying Capacity Of Overhad Lines
P-3.4 The First Operational Experiences with the New Load Frequency Control System Developed for SMM Control Block
P-3.5 A comparative study of Optimal Power Flow methods applied in large interconnected systems
P-3.6 Generator voltages control in real-time and voltage-reactive states on interconnected lines
P-3.7 Service Quality Monitoring and Regulation
P-3.8 Information System for the Electricity Transmission Network Operation Performance Monitorin

4 Renewables, Distributed Generation, Electric Distribution

K-4.1 Pilot Operation Experience of a Photovoltaic System with Simple Tracking Mechanism
P-4.1 Hybrid wind-solar power source for remote farms in Vojvodina
P-4.2 Possibilities of achieving zero CO2 emissions in Crete in electricity generation using Renewable Energy Sources
P-4.3 Analysis of the interconnection of permanent magnet generators to the distribution grid by ATP-EMTP software tool
P-4.4 Development of Domestic and SME Time of Use Tariff Structures for a Smart Metering Program
P-4.5 Benchmarking Of Distribution Companies
P-4.6 European Trends in GIS for Utilities
P-4.7 GIS technology in electric power distribution company of Belgrade
P-4.9 Accuracy investigation of a proposed voltage sag index for various load XR ratios
P-4.10 Remote-control switches
P-4.12 3D spatial imaging technology for creating as built 3D models of electric power plants


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