14-15.4.2022. the kick-of meeting of all partners in the POLICY ANSWERS project was held. The meeting had a hybrid form, some of the participants attended meeting in site, in Vienna, while others were present online (as was the case with the members of the CIRNT-IMP team).[...] The POLICY ANSWERS project (Horizon Europe program) aims to support the integration of the Western Balkans into the European Research Area (ERA). This European project will last for 4 years and will support cooperation in the field of innovation, research, education, culture, youth and sports. POLICY ANSWERS will use a wide range of tools - from high-level meetings to information services, from launching pilot activities to policy recommendations on key innovation issues - to support better integration of the Western Balkans into the European Research Area (ERA). POLICY ANSWERS (R&I POLICY making, implementation ANd Support in the WEsteRn BalkanS) is a Coordination and Support Action funded by the European Union through the Horizon Europe programme. It is led by the Centre for Social Innovation in Vienna (Austria), and involves 13 other partners: German Aerospace Center (Germany), Institute Mihajlo Pupin (Serbia), GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research (Germany), the Agency for Research, Technology and Innovation (Albania), Riinvest – Institute for Development Research (Kosovo*), Fund for Innovations and Technology Development (North Macedonia), Foundation for Management and Industrial Research (North Macedonia), University of Banja Luka ( Bosnia and Herzegovina), Formicablu (Italy), Science and Technology Park Montenegro (Montenegro), Austrian Research Promotion Agency (Austria), Sarajevo University (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Institute of Economics Zagreb (Croatia).

27th Scientific Conference “Technology, Culture and Development”

The 27th Scientific conference "Technology, Culture, and Development" was held at the Mihajlo Pupin Institute on December 11th. The conference was organized by the Science and Technology Policy Research Center and the Association "Technology and Society”, and was held online. As in previous years, the basic context of the gathering was the Western Balkans on the way to the European Union and specific topics were: 1. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on various social, technological and economic aspects, and development considerations and 2. Desirable and possible development specialization of Serbia and countries of the Western Balkans - the influence of social, cultural, and technological factors. The conference thematic proceedings will traditionally be published at the beginning of next year.  


Online conference and EEN B2B meeting were held in IMP

Online conference "WOMEN & MEN IN CONSTRUCTION SECTOR IN DANUBE REGION AND BEYOND: Facing the new challenges", as well as an accompanying event - B2B of the Enterprise Europe Network was held in CIRNT - Institute Mihajlo Pupin on June 9th 2020. The conference was organized and held thanks to the great efforts of our colleague Sanja Popović-Pantić, chairwoman of the EEN sector group for Women Entrepreneurship, and in cooperation with colleagues from the sector group Sustainable Construction and Intelligent Energy and representatives of PA8 EU Strategy of the Danube Region. During the zoom conference, Sanja moderated 2 panels with 50 participants from 7 EU countries and the region. The conference topic was chosen because the construction sector is one of the most developed in Serbian economy and contributes 5% to its GDP. Also a significant number of companies in this (and accompanying sectors) is owned by women, both in Serbia and in the region. After the conference the online business talks were held including representatives of 67 companies from 16 countries.      

26th Scientific Conference “Technology, Culture and Development”

At the Mihajlo Pupin Institute and at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, on 2nd and 3rd December 2019, the 26th  Scientific Conference "Technology, Culture and Development" was held. This year the conference was dedicated to the founder of the event prof. Vlastimir Matejic. On the first day, the Elaborations on topics professor Vlastimir Matejić dealt with, during his rich scientific, professional and social work, were reported. On the second day papers and discussions on the following topics: 1. Desirable and possible developmental specialization of the Western Balkan countries - influence of social, cultural and technological factors and 2. Education of engineers were presented.    

Regional Business talks of SMEs at the Institute

Within the activities of the Enterprise Europe Network, related to the internationalization of businesses of SMEs from Serbia, B2B business talks were held on November 6th. Participants were companies owned and managed by women from Serbia, and several countries of the Western Balkans region. More than 70 SMEs were attended, so about 130 formally meetings were realized, but also informally ones. Due to such good attendance, the organizers expect that business cooperation will be agreed upon after initial discussions.

In memoriam prof. dr Vlastimir Matejić

In Belgrade, on June 10, 2019, the founder of the Science and Technology Policy Research Center, prof. dr Vlastimir Matejić, passed away. During his long research and scientific career prof. Matejić made a significant contribution to the scientific fields related to organizational sciences, especially in the field of economics of technological change and innovation development. He was Director General of the Institute Mihajlo Pupin, Federal Minister of Science and Technology, President of the European Movement in Serbia, and he also performed many other functions related to the field of his scientific work. He will remain to us the founder and the first director of the CIRNT, of the scientific conference "Technology, Culture and Development" and the Association "Technology and Culture", and above all as a colleague and teacher whose work and always inexhaustible ideas guided and inspired us.

Final Conference of EDU-LAB Project

In Zagreb from 15-17th of  May 2019, the final conference of the Edu-Lab,  DTP project was held. The significance of this conference is so much greater that the so-called  Danubian charter for young talents was signed. Besides the the project consortium  partners, the charter was signed by representatives of ministries from the Danube region, as well as representatives of universities and companies. The charter is one of the main results of the projects, which formulates recommendations for increasing the relevance of higher education in the labor market, in line with the recommendations of the European Commission for improving the quality of education. During the conference, Edu-Lab publication was also introduced.

New Doctor of Sciences in CIRNT

13.5.2019. our colleague, Dijana Štrbac defended the doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Economics in Kragujevac entitled "The Impact of Structural and Technological Changes on the Economic Development of the Republic of Serbia". Congratulations to Diana!

EEN business talks in Sarajevo

Institute Mihajlo Pupin as a member of the Serbian consortium of the European Entrepreneurship Network was a co-organizer of business talks in Sarajevo on April 5, 2019, with companies from the region of South-East Europe taking part. The main goal of these B2B-s, from the aspect of EEN is to reach partnership agreements between our clients. The trend in the EASME (Executive Agency for SMEs) is to encourage business cooperation in the Western Balkan region, as some recent results show that cooperation is mostly achieved at the regional level, not only in the WB but also in other parts of Europe. At this EEN B2B event, 7 companies from Serbia - IMP clients - took part in 25 formally scheduled meetings and also in more informal ones, consequently, there are already indications of possible business agreements. B2B was organized as part of the South East Europe Women Leadership Summit 2019 conference, using for this occasion the presence of a large number of entrepreneurs and owners of companies from the region.

Participation of IMP-EEN Serbia at business meetings in Varaždin

Clients of IMP EEN participated on March 28, 2019 in Varaždin, Croatia, at the international Voogle Conference 2019, where businessmen, entrepreneurs, researchers and students gathered. We had the opportunity to listen to the lectures of eminent experts from the United States, as well as the EU. One of the speakers was Director of the COSME program and H2020 SME instrument, Luisa Prista. The themes of the presentations were related to business ideas and acceleration of business, building a global market, smart growth and cross-sectoral cooperation, as well as entrepreneurship. An integral part of the conference was the so-called Startup Battle 2019. Eight selected startups from the region presented their business ideas and / or products to potential mentors, business partners and investors in very quick 3 minute presentations, followed by Comission’s questions and their answers. One of the participants in this competition was our client company Whisperr. We also visited EEN colleagues at their premisses in the Varaždin Technological Park. All conference participants had the opportunity to arrange B2B meetings, and three our companies had successful meetings with potential partners from abroad, so we hope to see official EEN business agreements in near future.