Research Topic: Advanced Modeling and Simulation of Automotive System Dynamics – Chassis, Suspensions, Tires, Steering, Power-Drivetrain & Braking Systems

R/D tasks concern with advanced modeling of the entire driver-vehicle automotive system including kinematic and dynamic models of automotive system as well as cognitive-motor model of human-driver.

The specialized automotive engineering software toolbox designed for modeling and simulation of spatial, non-linear, 22 d.o.f. (degrees of freedom) road vehicle dynamics was developed. In mechanical sense, road vehicle represents a complex, distinctly non-linear, dynamic system with a relatively large number of d.o.fs., belonging to the class of so called large-scale dynamic systems. These d.o.fs. (independent motion directions), especially those that essentially influence the system's stability and quality of its dynamic behavior, have to be controlled. The vehicle stability, quality of its dynamic behavior and maneuvering capabilities depend to a great extent on the system structure as well as on performances of its power-steering and power-drivetrain subsystems. Synthesis of the best control strategy and design of the corresponding driver-assisted system represent delicate problems whose solving requires knowledge of dynamic behavior of entire vehicle dynamics under different conditions of motion (uneven inclined surface, slippery road, wind gust, etc.). In that sense, mathematical modeling of vehicle dynamics and its tire-road interaction represents starting point in design process, control synthesis, safety analysis, etc.

Block-scheme of model of the automotive system with particular functional modules/subsystems

Fig. 1. Block-scheme of model of the automotive system with particular functional modules/subsystems.