Personal Information

Svemir Popić
Family name: Popić
Given name: Svemir
Title: B.Sc.
Address: Robotics Laboratory, Mihailo Pupin Institute,
Volgina 15, 11060 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone: +381-(0)11-2776-174,
+381-(0)11-2776-222 / ext. 103
Fax: +381-(0)11-2775-870

Career summary

Counsellor at Robotics Center of Mihajlo Pupin Institute, Belgrade; developed or participated on research and development, and testing of important components, devices and systems for industrial applications as well as manufactured technologies including technologies for assembly and welding of steel constructions and bridges in civil engineering (1979-1983), a series of electromechanical actuators for nuclear power plants for USSR (1983-1987), mechanical design of robot (1989), engineering of a flexible cell for manufacturing car brake systems (1990), engineering and consulting for flexible manufacturing cell of exhaust manifolds in VW factory in Sarajevo (1991).

He is also the author of a few studies in the field of transport systems for FMS and grippers, part-time professor at Technical school (1981-1984) and Professor Assistant for Technical mechanics at Electrical Engineering Faculty in Sarajevo (1988-1991).

Since 1992, he has been working at Robotics Laboratory of Mihajlo Pupin Institute, Belgrade, where he designed three different prototypes of active-motorized above knee prosthesis for disabled persons, a new type of hand orthosis for dystrophy patients, a new type of exoskeleton for paraplegic persons, one energy economic type of motorized wheelchair, tools for plastic tube manufacturing and a new type of small robot for education at schools and faculties, as well as for industrial applications. Also, he designed a special type of mobile robot for terrain tracking, a modular robot wrist with 8 kg payload for different robot types (for instance PUMA or SCARA configuration), a special type of parallel robot SW for medical researches (at Fraunhofer Institute, Berlin). Few years ago he designed some crucial components of system and was full time adviser in designing of the new robotic device in radiography. Also he was the team member who designed the prototype of the Universal Radiography System prototype (Courtesy VeD X-ray AD, Niš, Serbia).

Nowadays he is working on a few research and development projects granted by Ministry of science like: The new design of artificial hand; multifunctional mobile robot for outdoor operation; Design of Haptic Interface with Two DOFs; Design of robots for Percutaneous vertebroplasty, as well as simulator for colonoscopy; Robotic air-cable vision system for monitoring and recording 3D scene and protected areas.


Professional Experience

Professional Background

Experienced with AutoCAD, CorelDRAW and Microsoft Windows.

Additional Information

Personal Record: Born on November 15, 1954, Bosnia and Herzegovina; married, one child.